Washing Machine Won’t Drain Or Spin – Top 4 Reasons Solved

Unbalanced loads or problems with your drain hose are all reasons your washing machine won’t drain and spin. We address them all, along with how to fix them.

The most watched video series on YouTube, is about shareing their best troubleshooting tips to fix common problems with high-efficiency top load washers. There are often simple fixes that you can make to avoid calling a washer repair company.

There are many reasons why your washing machine might not spin or drain properly.

1. The load is not balanced.

Solution: Re-use the load and start the washer again.

2. The drain hose may be clogged, frozen, or kinked.

Solution Drain the hose into the utility sink.

3. An extension cord is being used.

Solution An extension cord will supply less voltage to your washer. This could lead to your machine overheating and shutting down prematurely. Instead, plug directly into an outlet.

4. Excessive suds.

Solution Soft water or excessive detergent could cause this. Make sure to read the label.

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