Air Conditioner Not Working? AC Problems And Solutions

Summer is hot and your AC unit must be running smoothly. Even the best HVAC units can have problems with their performance. Are your AC units not cooling? This AC troubleshooting guide will help you identify common problems such as AC not cooling and provide solutions.

AC not cooling

The Air Conditioner Will Not Blow Cold Air

If your AC turns on but does not blow cold air, make sure all vents are open. Also, make sure the thermostat is correctly set. Check the air filter to make sure these are not the problems. Air flow will be cut off if the filter is clogged with dirt, debris, or any other material. The clog can cause the evaporator coils of the heater to freeze. This will make the air flow more restricted. Clean the filter using a soft brush, mild soap, water, and if that is the problem. To avoid future problems, make sure to clean and change your filter frequently. There may be a problem with your fan or motor. If the fan is not turning easily, it could be a problem with the electrical power supply or a leak in your refrigerant line. You will need to have an HVAC technician inspect the unit in these situations.

Air conditioner not cooling enough

Make sure that all vents are open. It can be more difficult to cool your whole home if one vent is not open. The warm air from the room that has the closed vent will mix with the cooler air from all the other ones. You may also have a problem with your refrigerant lines. Your system may have an old or improper installation, or it could be worn out. Systems that are too big for your home’s needs will cause them to cycle too fast, which can reduce their efficiency. System that is too small will make it harder for you to cool your home. This can lead to premature failure.

AC Leaking Water

Air Conditioner Leaking Water Inside

If your air conditioner leaks water, you should turn it off to avoid expensive water damage. If your condensate drain lines are blocked, water could back up in your home. DIYers may try a dry/wet vacuum to clear the drain line. If this fails, the drain pan or condensate pump might have become rusted. The technician can replace or repair any damaged parts.

Air Conditioners Leak Water Outside

You might notice a small pool of water underneath your condenser unit on hot or humid days. It’s okay to see a little water puddle under your condenser unit in hot or humid weather as long as the unit is still working. Cool weather (usually 60 degrees or below) can cause an air conditioner to freeze, which can cause it to leak water. This is normal. You can clean or replace your air filters if the unit is leaking under other circumstances. If this doesn’t solve the problem, call a service technician. There are several possibilities. You could need more refrigerant or a blocked drain pipe.

Air conditioners leak water when turned off

The system could freeze if it isn’t getting enough refrigerant, or if the filter is dirty. The ice that has melted after the system is turned off can cause it to leak water. Your AC conditioner’s water leaking onto the ceiling or floor can cause serious water damage. If your AC unit is not working after cleaning the filter, do not turn it on again until the problem has been resolved. You may also have an obstruction or a damaged condensate pan, as with external leaks.

AC won’t turn off

Air Conditioner Won’t Stop Running

Your AC may be running longer than it should because of a dirty filter. Your AC system may also be too old or poorly sized if it is not properly sized. This can lead to excessive cycling, a slow shutoff, and increased energy consumption. Your AC may also run continuously due to other problems:

  • Relay of a stuck fan
  • The thermostat cable was cut short
  • A thermostat that has gone bad

Central AC won’t turn on

It may be as easy as changing the thermostat to turn on your central air unit if it doesn’t work. If this doesn’t work, contact a technician. Your HVAC system might need to be replaced or repaired.

AC Window Unit Will Not Kick On

Similar to a window unit you should first check the temperature setting and ensure that the electrical current is flowing. If none of these troubleshooting attempts fail to locate the problem, contact professional assistance for AC window unit repairs.

AC Fan not working

Air Conditioner Fan Not Working Inside

First, check that your AC indoor fan has not stopped working. Check your air filter if everything is fine. You may be able repair it yourself if it is blocked. Allow the ice buildup on the refrigerant and evaporator lines to melt. Then check the fan again to make sure it is still working. Your coil might have frozen if it’s not working. The service call is required for a frozen coil. Your technician might need to replace contacts in the fan relay, fan belt, or even the motor.

Air Conditioner Fan Not Working Outside

If your AC is not cooling properly, it may be worth checking your outdoor unit. First, check your outdoor fan’s breaker box if it isn’t spinning. If the problem persists, you may need to reset it.

  • Not working start capacitor: If the compressor is still functioning, it could be that your fan’s motor (or start capacitor) are not working. Try pushing the fan with a stick of wood to diagnose it. Do not try to do this by hand. If the fan starts, it can cause severe burns. You should call your local technician if the fan doesn’t spin. Your unit should be turned off until it starts to spin. You risk damaging your compressor, which can lead to a costly repair.
  • The fan motor on an outdoor fan has become stuck. This could be due to dirt or rust. You may have to replace or repair the outdoor fan motor if the unit needs more extensive repairs.

Regular service will prolong the life of your AC system, make it more efficient, and help you save money in the long-term. 

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